Behind closed doors at the Langley DPAC week 4…

How we could make the Langley DPAC a better place to be

Tonight, I met with a fellow executive and we sat outside on a beautiful night and we talked about how we could make the Langley DPAC a better place to be.

We talked about opening up the website for a day to have a school trustee candidate become a guest blogger on the website answering to a question that we posted and we thought that would be a good idea. We could moderate the comments and invite absolutely every candidate to answer to the questions that we posed and they could answer them or not. It was up to them.

If there is a school trustee candidate out there that wants to answer to us here, to a question posted by us, get in touch with us. We want to have all of the information here for the parents in the district to see.

We are going to have an election 2014 menu on the page if everyone agrees and this will allow the candidates to answer our questions, present their platforms and we thought of even allowing THREE links to articles they deemed fit for our consumption as parents about to vote in the elections.

As the DPAC, I think it prudent to give them all their 15 minutes of fame and hey, as the parents of kids in the district, we should invite them here to say what they need to the questions that we ask.

I am sure that a lot of you are wondering just what the heck we are doing here as the Langley DPAC and rightly so.

This year is a new year one for the Langley DPAC and with all of the new faces come new ideas to help us become a stronger voice for the parents in this district.

When we speak about the kids in the district, we all seem to come together and that really is why we are each elected to our positions in the first place. You all put us here to make the best decisions based on your beliefs.

The Langley DPAC is also looking at officially sponsoring a charity involving children and we want your input on this.

The education of our children involves more than math and science. We need to show them that giving and kindness and compassion also contribute to their life skills that will make them better people. This is a fact and this should also make you smile as it makes us smile too.

We are here to answer your questions and talk about the things that we want to do to make a difference in the lives of the kids that enter our schools and we look forward to your input.

On a final note, what do you all think about the Langley DPAC offering babysitting services at our General meetings? I know a lot of you have younger children in elementary schools and we could look into renting the adjacent room to the main meeting room for this purpose if there is enough interest.



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