Behind the scenes of Langley DPAC this week……

Behind closed doors this week at Langley DPAC….

It has been almost one week since the Langley DPAC increased our online presence and started reaching out more to parents and PAC executives within our school district.

We have offered and solicited advice from members as well as transparently sharing stories that we think matter to you, our members.

This past week, we have seen our page views on our FB page increase by 38000% and no that is not a typo. We started off the week with less than 30 people being reached by our posts and we are over 2200 people being reached less than a week later. Page likes have increased by 5400% and that tells all of us that we are on the right path with what we need to do.

On that note, we now will be doing weekly posts updating our members on what is going on right now and what all of you can expect in the upcoming weeks from us at the Langley DPAC.

In no particular order, please note the following:

1. We are planning a public forum where we will be hosting the candidates for the school trustee positions and we will ask them questions. An email will be going out asking you for questions you would like asked and we will do our best to get them all answered if time permits. This is your chance to see and hear what the candidates are all about. More information to follow on this.
2. This week upcoming, we will be sending out the new DPAC membership registration forms to all PAC’s for our records. This information is vital to us being able to contact you in a timely manner. The BCCPAC membership forms will also be sent out if your PAC wants to be a part of BCCPAC. Please note that DPAC pays for the membership fees for your BCCPAC registration.
3. The Langley DPAC is revamping it’s website. We are going to be going from to More details to follow on this.
4. Langley DPAC is also setting up a new email system with processes in place that will prevent the deletion of emails by any of the executive members. All emails sent to any member of the Langley DPAC will soon be sent to EVERY other member of the executive including president, secretary, VP1,VP2 and treasurer. This is being done to ensure total transparency of the executive members as well as ensuring that all correspondence is delivered and dealt with in a timely manner. All emails will also be archived in a central location so we are never in a position with missing correspondence whether intentional or accidental.
5. Langley DPAC is still looking for great photos of kids in our schools or at home for our website. Please take a few moments and send us your pictures. 
6. As stated in an earlier post, information was sent out about the literacy/physical education program with the Langley Rivermen. Important details are with the email as an attachment. If you are interested, please contact me directly at so that we can figure out a schedule.

Finally, thank you all once again for all of your input and if you’d like a member of DPAC to attend your monthly meetings or you have a question, please contact us directly.

Have a great night!


Total Transparency