Update for Rivermen reading/phys. ed program next week…..

Reading with the Rivermen or Hockey Rules with the Rivermen

Hello all,

I have received the following from the team regarding getting this program started next week.

“I have spoken to my boss and we are very excited to get the program up and running next week.
Ideally we would like to keep this on a similar weekly schedule to accommodate the players’ schedule (please note that some weeks will change due to the Rivermen game schedule).

We are however hoping to go with Mondays & Tuesdays 9-11am. It is not necessary for the player to stay with one class for the entire two hours, they are able to go to other classes as long as this has been arranged with me prior to the visit. So what I am saying is we can hit more than one classroom in a visit.

It appears as though we are unable to provide the equipment for Phys Ed. but we would still like to run this program at schools that are able to provide their own equipment (plastic sticks, nets, floorballs etc).

I think we would like to have Monday 9-11am be for Phys Ed. Visits and Tuesday 9-11am for reading visits.
I am just waiting on confirmation from the team that they will be available on October 14th but if so we will move forward with this date.

Ideally what I would like to happen is for interested teachers to email you the following information (I’m hoping eventually we can have a link on the web site but as of yet we do not)

Program: Reading with the Rivermen or Hockey Rules with the Rivermen
Date & Time Requested: Mondays 9-11am Phys Ed or Tuesdays 9-11am Reading
Teacher(s) Name(s):
Contact Info:
Grade level:
Number of Students in Class:

Additionally we would bring tickets for each of the classes we hit that day for an upcoming home game.”

Please check with your schools and let me know ASAP for next week.