A community gathers in support of Langley Secondary School

Snipperts from the LSS Community Consultation Meeting – Feb 10, 2015

Approximately 200 people turned out to listen to what everyone had to say about the potential impact that would be seen if Langley Secondary School saw its school close down and it’s community disrupted. There were 6 School Trustees in attendance at the meeting.The following are snippets that were taken from the speeches that various students, teachers and parents had during the meeting that was open to everyone:

Karin – Student:

“We see education as a way to a better future. But Canadian education has not been easy; learning English, supporting themselves, etc.”

Johnathan Dyck, teacher & parent:

“Democracy is more than voting…it is this stuff.”

Shelly Rand, metal teacher, Langley Secondary School:

“I feel education in the trades open many doors for students, such as LSS (Langley Secondary School) can offer. Students need access to these trades.”

It seemed that everyone present at this special meeting was hoping to keep LSS (Langley Secondary School) open or were in support of having LSS represented in their community in some shape or form.