Think Road Safety – Survey 2

Some asked for this to be reposted now that spring break is over:
The Langley School District will be meeting with the Community and Transportation Safety Advisory Committee – your feedback will help advocate for improving road safety. Please provide your feedback to:



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  • Michelle

    Willoughby Elementary, a school maxed out with young children grades K-5. This school is on 2 busy streets where cars fly by and drive in oncoming lanes to get around a line of parent vehicles waiting to get into the school drivethru area as there is not enough parking in the vicinity. They speed and honk to show their anger and in the recent months have seen multiple accidents at the intersection where our children cross the road.This school’s catchment area is so large and spread out that the majority of the families cannot walk to the school. There are no signs to show it’s a school zone and to reduce speed to 30km/h as with similar schools that are on side streets and not as busy. If SD35 doesn’t care about putting extra measures in to control the issues around the school then why should other drivers care either. It’s just another street to them. I would highly suggest a reduced speed zone, controlled by flashing lights as seen on 184th Street in Surrey for Clayton Elementary, or speed bumps on 80th Avenue. Not only that but you can only turn right leaving the school and then when circling back through the Willoughby Town Centre, however many cars ignore that and turn left onto 80th Ave from 206A. This should also be adjusted so that they can legally turn left or right. There is no shorter traffic flow to allow people to head west on 80th. Maybe if the speed was reduce there it would be easier and in addition to that a pedestrian crosswalk. I’ve witnessed many children trying to cross 80th exiting the Town Centre as the only crosswalk is on 208 Street then not until far west at 204 Street.

    • Brian Martens Post author

      Hello Michelle,
      Thank-you so much for the comment and information on this. We will make sure the sub-committee get’s this information. If you haven’t already, please make sure to complete the survey in the “Think Road Safety” link. I would also recommend discussing this at your next Willoughby PAC meeting to see if the school administration is aware of this and what/if they have started anything.

      Best Regards,
      Brian Martens – Langley DPAC MAL

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