DPAC Executive

If you are interested in becoming a part of the executive or any other DPAC or District partner group committees, please contact any executive member below via their email address.
President – Suzanne Perreault, president@langleydpac.ca

As mother of three, Suzanne has been an active participant in community development & mentorship for over 20 years in three Provinces. Currently she advocates & mediates between families and School Districts while guiding and supporting families with children on the Autism Spectrum, ADHD & Anxiety while building her Counselling practice.








Vice-President 1 – Bernice Kristoff-Trowell, VP1@langleydpac.ca

As a mother of 2, Bernice is a CPA serving the Langley community. Along with being a dedicated member of DPAC for several years,  she also sits on the Langley Parents as Partners in Learning Committee.  Bernice enjoys working with and learning about & supporting the Langley School District’s many programs and student opportunities to further students educational experience.






Vice-President 2 – Kerri Ross-Grijzen

After moving to Langley, with her family, Kerri realized how important local involvement was to the health of the community. She began by attending the PAC at RC Garnett and eventually joined DPAC in 2015. Every child should have the same educational opportunities and choices and bringing parents and the school district together is one way to help make this happen.




Treasurer – Dawn Perrault, treasurer@langleydpac.ca

Dawn is first, and foremost, the proud mother of two beautiful boys. She comes to the DPAC Treasurer position with extensive experience in finance, having worked under the Ministry of the Attorney General, managing the Payment Processing department for the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program. In addition to this, Dawn brings a passion for Inclusive Education and a desire to ensure that  all children within our District receive the quality public education they are entitled to and deserve.




Secretary – Christine Brightman, Secretary@langleydpac.ca

Christine passion for DPAC stemmed from wanting to be more involved with her stepdaughters education at the District level. Now a new mother, Christine is even more impassioned to make a difference to childhood education through DPAC. Finishing her 3 year run as DPAC Secretary, Christine is thrilled to put faces to names of the DPAC reps that she communicates with on a regular basis.





Members at Large:

MAL –  Teresa Blades



MAL –  Ashish Kapoor

Supporting the team with technology needs, utilizing his extensive educational background, Ashish’s exposure to diverse cultural and educational settings also allows him to present multidimensional viewpoints to DPAC. As someone who has grown up outside Canada, he embodies the experience of first generation immigrant families who have children in the Canadian School System, and can be a voice for the same.




MAL – Tina Patterson

Tina Patterson is a mom of two, an Educator, a hobby photographer, and active community volunteer with a passion for Inclusive and Public Education.  As a DPAC Member at Large, Tina strives to bridge the gap for parents who feel they have lost their voice while working collaboratively with educational partners.







MAL – Daniel Lindenberger

A father of 2, Daniel is a Facilitator, Tutor, Programmer and Researcher with a passion for Inclusive and First Nations Education. As a DPAC Member at Large, Daniel seeks ways to help PACs, the DPAC and the BCCPAC collaborate to give parents a sharp understanding and strong voice in their children’s educational environment.





MAL –  Kris Mohammed

Kris is a father of 3, and is a Customer Advocate and Financial Advisor, and is driven by helping others and giving back to the community.  After a number of years as a Member at Large with the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce and the Langley Pos-Abilities Society, his focus has shifted a little bit and has since become involved with the Parkside PAC, the Aldergrove Youth Soccer Club, and Langley DPAC.  As a DPAC Member at Large, Kris believes in engagement and inclusivity, creating an environment where everyone feels valued, involved, and has a sense of belonging.