Orientation 101

DPAC 101

What is DPAC?  Why are We Here??

 What is DPAC?  DPACs are the legislated parent voice at the school district level, representing the collective views of Parent Advisory Councils (PAC) within a school district.

Who can be a member of a DPAC?  The membership is comprised of the PACs within the district.  A parent elected by each PAC attends each DPAC meeting to represent their school.  The DPAC rep would then report back at the monthly PAC meeting at their school to advise the parent group of any information that was disseminated through DPAC. DPAC serves as an umbrella organization for the PACs in their school district.

What does DPAC do?  DPACs support and encourage PACs and parents in accessing the school system at all levels by providing regular forums for the exchange of ideas and information to ensure that public education serves the best interests of all students.  DPACs provide an effective platform that can support positive contributions and foster productive communication between all partner groups within their District.

DPACs may advise their board of education on any matter relating to education in their school district.  DPACs advocate for parental involvement in the education system and give input into the development of education policy and curricula.  Many DPACs are offered seats on school district committees such as policy, finance, and specific educational concerns.

The purpose of the Langley DPAC…

To be the collective voice of parents in the Langley School District.

To advise the School Board of parents’ views on matters relating to education in the district, including the District Achievement Contract (DAC).

To communicate with parents and parent advisory councils on educational matters.

To promote the interests of public education and, in particular, the interests of Parents Advisory Councils in the Langley School District and the interests of Langley School District students.

To provide parent education, leadership development, and a forum for discussion of educational issues.

To assist parents in forming a parent advisory council in every school.

To assist members in obtaining information and communicating with school district personnel.

To communicate with other organizations within the community and province on educational matters of common interest.

 DPAC offers…

 Monthly Meetings

A website – www.langleydpac.wordpress.com – with information on educational issues both within our district and the province of British Columbia.

Resources and information on current educational issues, trends, and legislative changes.

A Liaison that can support your school and the parents when information is needed.

Representation on Langley School District Committees and also on other committees within the community where there is a common interest on education topics.

Support for parents and Parent Advisory Councils.

Coverage of the cost to each school for BCCPAC memberships fees.

Reimbursement to Langley District parents for any approved parent education workshop that is attended (to a maximum of $50/person per year.)

DPAC Meetings are…

 Open to ALL parents within the District.

Held either the 2nd or 3rd Thursday each month of the school year.  They are held at the Langley School Board office.

The Role of the DPAC Executive is…

 To provide leadership

To carry out the council’s day to day business.

The Executive’s authority comes from both the Constitution & Bylaws and direction from the membership.

The New Website…

 Our new website is a work in progress.  Please take a few minutes in the next month to take a look at the new website and see if there is anything that you feel is missing?  Anything that you wish you could access from there?  Is it easy to maneuver around?  Do you have any suggestions?

With intent of being more “green”, DPAC is no longer providing printed copies of our monthly General Meeting Package.  You will find all handouts on our new website.

As a follow-up to our PAC Fundraising Forum last June, we have created a list of Fundraising ideas that were mentioned that evening which can be found on the website.

If a school would like an event posted on the DPAC website or facebook page please email it to info@langleydpac.ca.

 Things that are covered at DPAC meetings…

 The School District Superintendent will present a report on a current topic.

A representative from Board of Education will present a report on topic(s) that will be tabled at the upcoming board meetings.

There is a Guest Speaker each month.  The presentation topic is different every month.

Monthly General Meeting Protocol…

 Upon arrival at the General please sign in and pick up your school’s voting card.  Each school has only one vote.  It is assumed that the elected DPAC rep or their alternate will attend the meetings and hold the school’s voting card for voting purposes.

Please return your voting card to the card box at the end of the meeting.

We encourage DPAC reps to read the minutes of the previous general prior to attending the meeting each month.  Please take note of any errors or omissions you may notice to be corrected during the approval at the next General meeting.

All Generals are recorded for the purpose of creating accurate minutes.

Rules of order are designed to include all members in decision making, with everyone having a fair and equal opportunity to participate.  To be assured that all members have an opportunity to speak, DPAC Reps are encouraged to raise their hand if they have a comment or question.  Turn taking will be kept track of and members may speak when recognized by the chair.

Individual conversations are discouraged as it can make it difficult for others to hear.

When motioning anything, it is asked that the DPAC Rep please state their name and the name of their school for the recording Secretary.

DPAC reps are encouraged to fill out the evaluation forms that can be found on each table.  They can be handed into the box provided at the door at the end of the meeting.

DPAC Reps are responsible for…

 Reporting back to their school each month and providing their school with information that is disseminated at through DPAC.

Vote on behalf of their school, on any motions that are brought to the DPAC table.

Ensure that a DPAC membership form is filled out for your school each year.

Make sure that you current Constitution and Bylaws are filed with Langley DPAC.

If your school wishes to be a member of BCCPAC,  ensure that a BCCPAC membership form is filled out and handed into DPAC.  DPAC covers the cost of any Langley school that wishes to be a BCCPAC member.

DPAC has one vote at the BCCPAC AGM.  DPAC reps may have input on how DPAC will vote.

For schools that are a BCCPAC member, the DPAC rep should ensure that their school has voted on all resolutions prior to the BCCPAC Spring Conference and AGM; voting proxy may be signed over to a DPAC Executive member attending the conference.

DPAC reps are encouraged to attend one or more Board of Education meetings throughout the school year.

Roles and responsibilities of a PAC Representative to DPAC are often outlined in your school PAC’s constitution under which you were elected or appointed. Please review your PAC’s constitution; in particular those sections that pertain to this position.


PAC Legislation