Langley DPAC Trustee Candidate Survey 2018 – RESPONSES

The Langley District Parent Advisory Council conducted an online Trustee Candidate Survey consisting of 10 questions. We requested Trustee Candidates complete the survey and provided them with 3 days to respond (plus extension if requested). We hope you find the information informative.

DPAC Communication Survey

Re: Feedback on Communication Effectiveness with the Langley School District. Please return by October 5, 2018.

All the forms related to DPAC can be found in our Form Repository. Please click the link below to access it.

DPAC Form Repository

BCCPAC Membership Form

Please note that for reimbursement of parent education workshops, a Reimbursement Request Form should be filled out and sent to the School Board office through either school mail or Canada Post.  Please address the envelope Attn: Parent Ed Reimbursement, C/O DPAC Treasury.