Covid 19 Related Questions and Concerns for PAC’s

Langley DPAC Covid-19 FAQ for PACs

Letter to all PAC’s

April 6, 2020 

RE: Langley DPAC COVID-19 Response 

Dear Langley School District Parent Advisory Councils: 

This is an unprecedented and challenging time, with school districts and families alike reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

As the Langley community comes together to respond to students and families in a thoughtful and meaningful way, the focus on the health and wellness of students is first and foremost in all we do. 

At DPAC, we want to let you know that we are moving forward with the business we have been entrusted to do, albeit in a new and different way. As a PAC, you may be forging ahead in your usual vibrant and strong way. Or, you may be taking the time to pause, while the families in your community adjust to this new way of living. Let us assure you, both are appropriate and responsive reactions – you know what your school community needs most during this time. 

We want you to know that we continue to be a resource for you and your PAC, should you need us. We are hosting our April 16th DPAC General meeting via Zoom video conference. While, it will be a bit different than our usual meetings, we are hopeful that it will be a good platform for us to continue to serve you as we move through this time. 

What can you and your PAC expect from us? 

  • Virtual DPAC General meetings, until we are able to come together in person (note; meetings are open to all parents in the district) 
  • Advice on common PAC questions during this time (watch for an FAQ to be delivered to your inbox along with the April 16th agenda and Zoom call details). 
  • Continued communication through our social media Facebook page (@LangleyDPAC) 
  • Sharing of important information from the Ministry of Education, Langley School District 35 and BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Council as it is received 
  • Continued advocacy for the needs of parents and families 
  • If you are looking for a way to support financially, please contact the Langley School District Foundation. They are currently coordinating supports for students. 
  • Via Private Message on Facebook OR via email to we are happy to assist families with linking up with other community agencies offering services and support to Langley children and families on an as needed basis. Support including, but not limited to: Food security, housing support, technology needs, mental health and connection etc. 

As always, please reach out if there is anything we can do for your PAC or parents. 

Take care of yourselves, 

Alicia Rempel President/Chair C; 604.617.5140