DPAC Executive

Just like our DPAC representatives , the DPAC Executive are unpaid voluntary representatives, Elected in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws. If you are interested in becoming a part of the executive or any other DPAC or District partner group committees, please contact any executive member below via their email address.
President – Alicia Rempel , president@langleydpac.ca

Alicia is proud to be your DPAC President. She has three daughters in the Langley School District and is passionate about the rich learning environment and caring, dedicated staff and admin who support all Langley children. She works in non-profit and knows first hand how many wonderful supports are available to families. She enjoys volunteering with this excellent executive team to support parents of Langley’s children.

Vice-President 1 – Brian Martens , VP1@langleydpac.ca

Brian got involved in his local PAC in 2017 being appointed as DPAC representative his first year. Being a long-time resident of Langley and having also attended Elementary and Secondary schools of SD35, he is proud of his community and what the district has been able to achieve. Brian brings many years of experience to the executive having participated and being appointed or elected to other executive and trustee boards outside of the school district. He looks forward to another year of advocating for all parents of SD35 ensuring that their voices are heard and respected at the district level.

Vice-President 2 – Pamala-Rose Combs , VP2@langleydpac.ca

Many years ago, Pamala read that if parents were interested in their kids’ education, their kids will be interested in their education.  She has been an active PAC member since her oldest was in K and she graduated this year.  Pamala believes that being involved is the best way to know what is happening at school and shows her kids that their education is important.  The DPAC adds another layer of learning and understanding and encourages her kids to become involved outside their immediate circles.

Secretary – Rebecca Hardin, secretary@langleydpac.ca

Rebecca is a local business owner and proud mom of three kids who attend public schools in Langley. Rebecca has been involved with her school’s PAC for the last five years and a DPAC representative for the last two. She is passionate about being involved in her school community and ensuring parents understand they have a voice and their thoughts and concerns are heard and represented.

Treasurer –  Jodi-Rae Stiglic, treasurer@langleydpac.ca

Jodi is a proud mother of 4, 3 of which are currently enrolled in Aldergrove schools. She has served on Shortreed PAC Executive for 5 years and has joined the Betty Gilbert PAC Executive last year. She is very community oriented and looks for opportunities for the Aldergrove family of schools to work together to strengthen community connections. She is looking forward to finding new ways to help many people within our school district.

MAL – Jennifer Pyper , mal1@langleydpac.ca

Jenn has been part of Lynn Fripps PAC for the past 5 years with two children in Elementary school. I am a local business owner and I am passionate about volunteering and being part of the community. I am excited to be part of DPAC and expand my learning of the greater community and how we can all contribute together to better our neighbourhoods alike.

MAL –  Barry Connerty , mal2@langleydpac.ca

Barry Connerty is the proud father of 3 great kids currently attending schools in Langley. Barry is an active participant in the community and honored to be able to serve as VP for the Langley DPAC.

MAL – Geraldine McManus  , mal3@langleydpac.ca

Geraldine is the mother of 5 children, 4 of whom attend public schools in Langley. She had been an active classroom volunteer for many years and has recently become involved in both her local elementary school PAC as well as DPAC. Geraldine’s passion lies in supporting LBGTQ2s+ students and families. She believes all children and care givers have the right to feel included and valued in their school environments.

MAL – Amita Gill , mal4@langleydpac.ca

Amita is a member at large with the Langley DPAC Executive Committee.  She also serves as the DPAC Rep for Uplands Elementary and sits on the Uplands PAC Executive Committee .  She has a child in grade 2 and one in grade 1 at Uplands.  She is passionate about our children’s education and how district programs can be structured to benefit our children.

Amita is currently a Director, Advisory Services & Management Consulting at a large global consulting firm. She is a seasoned management consultant and banking executive with over 20 years of experience in the financial services and management consulting sectors. Her focus has been on leading transformational programs with top tier financial services organizations. She has significant expertise with strategy, target operating model development, cost transformation, intelligent automation, and program governance.

MAL – Tisha Krafte, mal5@langleydpac.ca

Tisha, is a BC native and local business owner. She has over 25 years experience in Logistics Management. She had severed the Noel Booth PAC as the DPAC rep for two years. As a mother of a special needs child, Tisha is uniquely equipped to understand other families with special needs children. She enjoys helping others and looking forward to serving the community.

MAL – Chantale Hubbs  , mal6@langleydpac.ca

Chantale has grown up and lived in Langley her entire life and became a parent-volunteer when her daughter entered Kindergarten so she could be better informed on what was happening in the classroom and school. She has always been involved in her school PAC and has served on PAC executive boards as secretary and DPAC rep.  Chantale works as a Financial Controller and joined the DPAC board as Treasurer in November 2018 which has proven to be a gratifying means of applying her accounting skills to her craving to be involved in the education of children. She believes that when many work together respectfully and collaboratively, great things happen and is driven to foster and encourage parent participation in their children’s education and believes that every parent and family presents a valuable contribution to their school community.