Mission Statement

“To educate, inform, and empower parents to be true partners in the education of their children”

Langley District PAC is recognized by the Langley School District as the collective voice of the parents at the district level.

The purposes of the Council will be:

  • to be the collective voice of parents in the Langley School District.
  • to advise the school board and school district on any matter relating to education in the district, including the district’s Achievement Plan.
  • to communicate with parents and Parent Advisory Councils on educational matters.
  • to promote the interests of public education and, in particular, the interests of Parent Advisory Councils in the Langley School District and the interests of Langley School District students.
  • to provide parent education and leadership development, and a forum for discussion of educational issues.
  • to assist parents in forming a Parent Advisory Council in every school.
  • to assist members in obtaining information and communicating with district personnel.
  • to provide and support a local advocacy project
  • to communicate with other organizations in the community and province on educational matters of common interest.

We offer:

  • Monthly general meetings – Langley DPAC General Meetings are open to ALL parents.
  • resources and information on current educational issues, trends, and legislative changes.
  • representation on Langley School District committees.
  • support for parents and Parent Advisory Councils