Advocacy 101


Don’t know where to turn?

Do you feel that your child’s individual education needs are not being met and don’t know where to turn?

Your DPAC Leaders are here to help!

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is the act of speaking up in support of yourself or others. Parents are natural advocates for their children and parent leaders can help other parents work to solve a problem in a child’s best interest.

Leaders can help you

  • identify the problem
  • understand the school system and the problem solving process within the district
  • find and understand information
  • prepare for meetings
  • stay on track
  • understand the decision made with respect to your child
  • contact the provincial advocates of necessary

They are parents like you who are willing and able to assist you in resolving school issues in the best interests of your child. Contact your PAC President or DPAC at for assistance.



Speaking Up! A parent guide to advocating for students in public schools¬† — ¬†This 44-page guide, developed by the BCCPAC Advocacy Project, helps parents navigate the public school system and solve problems their children are having in BC public schools. It explains how the school system works, outlines parents’ and students’ rights and responsibilities, provides strategies for advocating for children and supporting student self-advocacy.
A Self Help Guide to Solving Problems
Meeting Survival Guide

Langley School District:

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