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Behind the scenes of Langley DPAC this week……

Behind closed doors this week at Langley DPAC…. It has been almost one week since the Langley DPAC increased our online presence and started reaching out more to parents and PAC executives within our school district. We have offered and solicited advice from members as well as transparently sharing stories that we think matter to you, […]

Langley Rivermen hockey team and their proposed literacy/phys. ed program in our schools

Langley Rivermen literacy/physical education program details PAC presidents and principals: Please check your inbox as I have just sent out details surrounding the literacy/physical education program being proposed by the Langley Rivermen who are interested in becoming involved in elementary schools within our district schools. There is a literacy component involved as well as a […]

Ride for Refuge bikers

Ride for Refuge in Langley

‘Ride for Refuge’ which is happening today in Langley and Surrey One knows that you are crazy when you stop your car on the side of a road to take a picture of a dad with his kids riding bikes for your DPAC website. The Langley family was riding 50k for ‘Ride for Refuge’ which […]