Acronym Dictionary

The number of acronyms used in the district is huge.  Surely there are many that are missing on this list.  It is a never-ending work-in-progress.  If there are any to be added please let us know!

ANS  —  Aldergrove Neighbourhood Services
BCCPAC  —  BC Coalition of Parent Advisory Councils
BCPSEA  —  BC Public School Employers’ Association
BCSSA  — BC School Superintendents Association
BCSTA  —  BC School Trustees Association
CYC — Child and Youth Committee
DAC  —  District Achievement Contract
DLT — District Leadership Team
ECD  —  Early Childhood Development
ELL  —  English Language Learners (formerly ESL)
ESL  —  English as a Second Language
FASD  —  Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
FIT  —  Families in Touch Network
FORCE  —  Family Organized for Recognition and Care Equality
IEP  —  Individualized Education Plan
IRP  —
ISP  —  International Student Program
LCD  — Langley Child Development Centre
LCS  —  Langley Community Services
LD  —  Learning Disability
LDAFV  —  Learning Disabilites Association of the Fraser Valley
LGBTQ  —  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning
LPPL  —  Langley Parents as Partners in Learning
LTA  —  Langley Teachers’ Association
MCM  —  Middle Childhood Matters
MoE  —  Ministry of Education
PAC  —  Parent Advisory Council
PISP  —  Provincial Integrated Support Program
PLO  —  Prescribed Learning Outcome
POP  —  Provincial Outreach Program
SET-BC  —  Special Education Technology for BC
SLD  —  Severe Learning Disability
SPC  —  School  Planning Council
SWIS  —  Settlement Workers in Schools